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Start with Akademe’s Institute Management Tool to administer your Institute. Drive your leads coming through different channels at one place.


Boost the functioning of your Institute!

Get Smarter and Act Faster.

Why Choose Akademe?

Create Courses

Let people know what you teach. Get started in minutes.

Manage Branches

Operate and maintain your Institute’s various branches at one place.

Add Users

Add your team for easier management of tasks and assignment of workload.

Build Batches

Setup Batches and Timings so that everyone knows when the classes start.

Generate Leads

Market your courses to the right target market and generate enquiries.

Nurture Leads

Take care of all your leads without any hassle.

Send Payment Links

Receive quicker payments and record them.


Get visibility on how well your Institute is performing.


A good Institute Management Tool is what you need to have a smooth functioning of operations involved in running an Institute.

We understand your pain.


Feature your courses and reach the right audience


Create your courses with all the relevant information and publish them


Market your courses to the right audience. Reach the right people at the right time.


Timing is imperative. Get leads who are ready for nurture.


Nurture your leads and timeyour follow-ups


Nurture Leads

Take care of the leads coming onto the Platform without losing any time.

Schedule Follow-ups

Log your actions and schedule your workat hand.

Assign Tasks

Different people for operating different branches. Assign clear-cut tasks to everyone.

Measure Performances and plan ahead


Oversee which courses, branches and batches are doingwell


See how many conversions have taken place and when

Task Assignments

Make sure all tasks are carried out on time.


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